Pasture-Based Dairy

University of Missouri (MU) has been actively involved in the evolution of pasture-based dairying in Missouri with its research and extension efforts. This dairy system was modeled on the rotational grazing systems at the MU Southwest Center Dairy starting in 1998 and refined with cooperating dairy producers.

Pearls of Production

Pearls of Production is a hands-on educational program for women involved in livestock production.

Performance Nutrition

Performance Nutrition: The Competitive Edge is a six-module program that shows athletes, parents and coaches how to use proper nutrition before, during and after competition to help athletes perform their best and avoid injury.

Pesticide Applicator Training

Helping individuals who wish to become licensed commercial pesticide applicators reduce the harmful effects of improper pesticide use.

Plant and Nematode Screening Services

SCN diagnostics aims to provide timely, high quality plant and nematode screening services to different parties related to the seed and biotech industries, researchers, crop advisors, and farmers.

Plant Diagnostic Clinic

The University of Missouri Plant Diagnostic Clinic (PDC) identifies and provides management solutions for insects, diseases and weeds.

Precision Agriculture

Precision agriculture merges new technologies born of the information age with a mature agricultural industry. It is an integrated crop management system that attempts to match the kind and amount of inputs with actual crop needs for small areas within a farm field.

Rice Extension

Rice is an important crop to the Missouri bootheel region, with around 200,000 acres harvested each year. Find our research-based rice production insights on this site.

Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program

An educational program for Missouri farmers aimed at improving heifer development through technology and management practices.

Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory

The Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory analyzes soil, plant, water, manure, compost and greenhouse media. The laboratory provides quality testing and unbiased, research-based recommendations to clients for economically viable and environmentally safe nutrient management practices.


Soybean is Missouri’s No. 1 crop in both number of acres and value. Each year more than 5 million acres of productive Missouri farmland are planted to soybean.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy

Join us to build the strength you need to enjoy good health as you age. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy (SSSH) is an eight-week exercise program that incorporates the latest research to help you develop the fitness, flexibility and balance that will enable you to live independently longer.

Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy

Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy is a comprehensive, community-based program that enables communities to improve access to healthy foods by working with a small food retailer.

Strategic Doing for Thriving Communities

This one-day program guides communities through exploring community economic development opportunities they have and taking them through a planning process that leads to a goal-oriented plan.

Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers helps you set and meet your healthy lifestyle goals. On topics ranging from eating right on a budget to mindfulness techniques that help manage stress, the program offers expert information paired with a proven goal-setting technique to set you on a path to better health.

Strip Trial Program

The “MU Certified” Strip Trial Program is a grower-focused program to help Missouri farmers and crop advisors compare on-farm management decisions and practices in a low-cost, low-risk setting. We work with farmers to implement field-scale, side-by-side comparisons of management practices on their farm. All farmers get a personalized summary…

Swine Extension

The Swine Extension program has gathered a wide array of data on Missouri’s swine industry, ranging from the number of hog and pig farms in the state — and how it compares to other high producers — to the state’s hog cash receipts and pork exports.

Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention

The Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention program is designed to improve multiple aspects of health through slow, gentle movements that can be practiced almost anywhere.

Taking Care of You

Busyness is a hallmark of our time. But all that busyness can cause stress — both good and bad — as we strive to balance work and family time, care for older family members or make sure the children get to their activities. It’s easy to overextend ourselves to meet life’s demands.

Tree Pests

Tree Pests is the outreach and education effort to keep citizens informed of the latest invasive insect and disease threats to Missouri’s trees.

Turfgrass Science

Solutions at hand The Mizzou Turf Diagnostic Lab, as part of the MU Plant Diagnostic Clinic, provides identification of turf problems and suggests management practices to aid recovery.

Urban Agriculture

The Urban Agriculture program aims to equip urban farmers, agribusinesses and individuals interested in agriculture with resources and information to start or expand their enterprise. The Urban Agriculture team works with producers and partners to offer business planning assistance, farm management resources, production information and decision-…

Urban Entomology

At MU, programs in Urban Entomology seek to understand more about the insects that inhabit human environments and to mitigate their negative impacts.

Veteran R.E.A.D.S.

The Veteran R.E.A.D.S. program offers veterans, active-duty service members and their family’s story analysis as a strategic means of developing perceptive communication, powerful camaraderie and potential catharsis.

Veterinary Extension and Continuing Education

MU Veterinary Extension and Continuing Education offers educational activities for veterinarians, vet techs and the general public.

Walk With Ease

Whether you need relief from arthritis pain or just want to be active, the Arthritis Foundation’s six week Walk With Ease program can teach you how to safely make physical activity part of your everyday life.

Weed Science Extension

The Weed Science program at the University of Missouri administers extension, research and teaching programs to keep you informed of the latest findings in weed management.

Wheat and Other Small Grains

Wheat is a critical component of Missouri's agricultural economy. MU Extension offers resources and information about the world's most cultivated crop as well as other small grain crops planted throughout Missouri.

Wildlife Ecology and Management

Learn how to landscape to attract certain wildlife species so you can enjoy nature while possibly increasing the value of your property, too.

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