Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory

Soil sample

How to submit samples

For analysis of your soil, plant, water, manure, compost or greenhouse media, follow these steps to package and submit your samples.

Submit samples

The Soil and Plant Testing Laboratory analyzes soil, plant, water, manure, compost and greenhouse media. The laboratory provides quality testing and unbiased, research-based recommendations to clients for economically viable and environmentally safe nutrient management practices.

The fee-based services are available to farmers, homeowners, vegetable and fruit growers, lawn and landscape specialists, golf course managers, consultants, researchers and government agencies.

The services that we offer include:

  • Analyzing soil for nutrient content and fertility status
  • Providing recommendations for economical, environmentally safe and balanced fertilizer and lime applications
  • Special soil tests for nutrient management plans and for addressing environmental issues
  • Analyzing potting mixes for nursery growers
  • Analyzing plant tissue for field crops, ornamentals, vegetables, fruits and turfs
  • Compost testing
  • Manure analysis
  • Water testing for domestic, irrigation, poultry and livestock suitability

Videos about understanding and using soil test reports

Understanding Soil Tests

On-farm Compost Use

Using compost analyses and soil test reports to determine field application rates

Soil Testing for Growing Success

For commercial horticulture soil test reports

Amending Soil

pH and salinity management (for commercial horticulture)

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