Strategic Doing for Thriving Communities

This one-day program guides communities through exploring community economic development opportunities they have and taking them through a planning process that leads to a goal-oriented plan.

Strategic Doing is a community focused method of helping communities capitalize on their community’s resources, use them in a way that may be unfamiliar to them and leave the session with a plan for making changes to the status quo. Communities that are interested in making change in their backyard should consider this resource. The beauty of this methodology is that it can be used on almost any topic/situation and produce results for change.

How Strategic Doing works

A trained community economic development specialist with the University of Missouri Extension will work with the community’s key stakeholders to customize the Strategic Doing experience.

At the end of the day, the attendees will have chosen their target projects/opportunities and developed a plan based on the research provided. This plan is based on the SMART planning method.

Missouri communities we’ve worked in

  • Hickory County
  • Risco
  • Morehouse

How to get started

Contact Dwayne James to schedule a time to talk.

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