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  1. [Registration Open]

    Paramedic Entrance Exam 2023

    • $50.00
    • Course ID: 205862
    • online
    • Jan. 2023 - Jan. 2024

    Complete the EMS Education Application FIRST. This Paramedic entrance exam will test your abilities in multiple areas, including math, medical terminology, anatomy/physiology, EMS, and reading comprehension with writing sample. You must achieve a... Read more ...

  2. [Registration Open]

    2023-03 EMS Refresher

    • $200.00
    • Course ID: 189555
    • online
    • Feb. 2023 - March 2023

    This online course fulfills the Missouri Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (MOBEMS) and NREMT’s requirements for a refresher course in continuing medical education for Emergency Medical Technicians at the Basic (EMTB) and Paramedic (EMTP) level... Read more ...

  3. [Registration Open]

    Food Preservation 2022

    • $30.00
    • Course ID: 103256
    • online

    This self-paced course provides research based information needed to safely and successfully preserve food at home. Participants of all levels of food preservation experience are welcome, including individuals with little or no previous food... Read more ...

  4. [Registration Open]

    Mobile Health Unit Community Education

    • $0.00
    • Course ID: 211623
    • online

    Welcome to the Mobile Health Unit Community Health Education Resource Module. These modules are designed to support you in your health and wellness journey. Information is organized by topic and should be easily accessible from a laptop or through... Read more ...

  5. [Registration Open]

    Recovery Friendly Workplace Designation

    • $0.00
    • Course ID: 194755
    • online

    This course is designed to take businesses, employers, human resource officers, and/or designated staff through the process of being a Recovery Friendly Workplace.

  6. [Registration Open]

    Basic Principles for Post-Frame Construction - Basic Self-Study Guide

    • $595.00
    • Course ID: 104905
    • online

    This course is a partnership between MU Extension and National Frame Building Association (NFBA). The enrollment fee for this online course is $595 for non-NFBA members and $195 for NFBA members. Contact FNBA at to obtain a... Read more ...

  7. [Registration Open]

    Healthy Homes Essentials

    • $50.00
    • Course ID: 127560
    • online

    The purpose of the course is to help you understand the connection between health and housing and how to take a holistic approach to identify and resolve problems which threaten the health and well-being of residents. It identifies root causes of... Read more ...

  8. [Registration Open]

    Principles of Emergency Services, Safety, and Survival (CO23106)

    • $375.00
    • CEUs available
    • Course ID: 205180
    • online

    The course is designed to provide information about the fire service's history, modern components of fire and emergency services, and careers with in the industries. Upon completion of this course, students will be able to explain the benefits... Read more ...

  9. [Registration Open]

    Enhanced Leadership Development Academy in Long-term Care 2022-2023

    • $1,000.00
    • CEUs available
    • Course ID: 198335
    • online

    You might be able to enroll at no cost if you work for a skilled nursing facility in Missouri. Complete this survey to find out: Complete this survey > The purpose of the Enhanced Leadership Development Academy (ELDA) is to prepare a cadre of... Read more ...

  10. [Registration Open]

    HOPE Mobile Unit Training

    • $0.00
    • Course ID: 189397
    • online

    Self-paced training course for MHU staff and volunteers. This is a self-paced course with seven modules. Plan to spend 10 hours to complete this course.

  11. [Registration Open]

    Show-Me REDI

    • $0.00
    • Course ID: 198606
    • blended
    • Feb. 2023 - April 2023

    Show-Me REDI will help prepare women in Missouri to take on public office through two tracks: one for those involved in appointed seats and one for those who want to run for an elected position, with the ability to opt in to both.

  12. [Registration Open]

    Supply Chain Management

    • $988.90
    • CEUs available
    • Course ID: 143913
    • online
    • Jan. 2023 - May 2023

    This course examines the concepts, processes, and institutions, which are fundamental to an understanding of the supply chain management in a global environment.

Results 1-12 of 39 results