Podcasting at MU Extension

Podcasting is a rising industry. Thinking of starting a podcast? Review the details below and contact imc@missouri.edu for more information.

Hosting accounts

Extension Podbean account

University of Missouri Extension uses PodBean.com for hosting podcasts. Please contact imc@missouri.edu before purchasing a paid account. Extension has a Network level account with PodBean. Our Network account can host multiple podcasts, including yours, for $4/month. Have your own login, support, intro page, and unlimited hosting.

Note: If you are under the B&C umbrella, please contact Sarah Rielley first.

Key options from PodBean:

  • Please contact imc@missouri.edu before purchasing a paid account.
  • You can distribute your podcast from PodBean to places like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and podcast apps to reach a larger audience.
  • We can embed a player directly on your webpage to capture a larger audience.
  • Stats are available for each podcast.
  • Video podcasting


  • You must indicate MU Extension branding on your podcast in a clear manner
  • You must indicate the producers of the content clearly on the podcast
  • Monetization is likely not allowed, but you could link to an MU giving page. An MU giving page gives the public a safe and authentic way to donate money to your podcast.


  • Familiar with audio equipment, but don’t have a studio? Extension has a sound booth. Contact imc@missouri.edu for more information.
  • Need to record from a Zoom call? You can download the audio from a recorded Zoom meeting, if your meeting settings are set correctly. Contact imc@missouri.edu for more information.
  • Your phone or iPad can record audio directly using the PodBean app. 

Extension podcasts:

Dairy Science Digest Podcast
  • Dairy Science digest is a new podcast developed to share current research published in the Journal of Dairy science. Designed never to exceed 20 minutes, it provides ONLY the "need to know" info. This podcast is hosted by Reagan Bluel.
How To? With Health and Human Sciences
  • This podcast dives into common issues or situations that Health and Human Sciences faculty members face and teaches how to deal with them. This podcast is managed by Kaylee Wyckwood.
MO Crops Podcast
  • This is a podcast hosted by MU Extension faculty discussing research and issues surrounding row crop agriculture in Missouri, hosted by Justin Calhoun.
      Show-Me MO Success Podcast
      • Show-Me MO Success brings you biweekly stories of success from businesses and communities across Missouri. Listen in to get insight and inspiration for your own business or community. This podcast is hosted by Luke Dietterle and Afshan Musani.
      The Weekly Workplace Podcast 
      • Each week listen to the experts from Missouri Training Institute as they get real with insights and inspiration on how to turn those work hours from grind to great. This podcast is hosted by the Missouri Training Institute.
      Tim's Take Podcast
      • Every month Tim Reinbott produces a podcast called, Tim's Take. He invites a researcher, MU Extension Specialist, or an expert in the agricultural world to sit down with him and discuss hot topics.
      Truth or Trend Podcast 
      • Kaylie Walker, Nutrition and Health Education Specialist for the University of Missouri Extension, hosts the Truth or Trend podcast, where she delves into current health topics. In each episode, Kaylie chats with other health experts who are passionate about getting research based information to help people make smart choices for themselves.