Youths learn about food safety through 4-H Protect the Plate Challenge

COLUMBIA, Mo. – More than 1,800 youths across Missouri learned more about precision agriculture by participating in the 2024 4-H Ag Innovators Experience Protect the Plate Challenge.

Heat-related information from MU Extension

With dangerously high temperatures in much of Missouri, here are some relevant news releases and publications from University of Missouri Extension. MU Extension news releases

Biosecurity essential when showing animals during fair season

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Biosecurity should be top of mind for those who show animals at county and state fairs, especially in the case of swine. University of Missouri Extension veterinarian Cory Bromfield said she’s noticed less concern overall about African swine fever (ASF) among pork producers and those who show pigs. She calls it “ASF fatigue.”

Mizzou Pest Management Field Day is July 11

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Farmers can learn the latest in weed management at the annual Mizzou Pest Management Field Day on Thursday, July 11, at the University of Missouri’s Bradford Research Farm near Columbia. For the first time, online registration is required.

4-H youths travel to Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado for equine careers tour

COLUMBIA, Mo. –Forty youths from across Missouri traveled to Nebraska, Wyoming and Colorado to learn more about equine careers May 20-26 on the University of Missouri Extension 4-H Equine Tour, said Maria Calvert, MU Extension state 4-H agriculture educator.

Managing heat stress in sheep and goats

OSCEOLA, Mo. – As the summer months set in, sheep and goat producers should watch their animals for heat stress, says David Brown, University of Missouri small ruminant specialist. Although sheep and goats can tolerate heat better than other livestock species, long-term exposure might have devastating effects on the health and performance of the animals.

Farm business operators can tackle labor crunch with seasonal workers

COLUMBIA, Mo. – As summer arrives in the Show-Me State, farm business operators often experience periods of fluctuating labor needs. Seasonal workers, including young people, can offer extra capacity during critical times.

Clover Classic raises more than $92,000 for Missouri 4-H

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The 14th annual Missouri 4-H Clover Classic Golf Tournament, June 4, raised more than $92,000, setting a new record in the Missouri 4-H Foundation’s history. The tournament, at the A.L. Gustin Golf Course in Columbia, drew participants and supporters from across the state. Co-presenting sponsors were Climate Field View and Great American Insurance-Crop Division.

Missouri Master Naturalists celebrate program's 20th anniversary

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Missouri Master Naturalists recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of the program during a state conference in Columbia hosted by the Boone’s Lick Master Naturalist chapter.

Heatstroke can kill quickly in hot cars

COLUMBIA, Mo. – When the news has another tragic story about a child accidentally left in a hot car, parents might believe they could never make a mistake like that. “It’s not just negligent parents or indifferent caregivers. When juggling the demands of work, parenting and daily life, it’s easier than you might think to make a simple but fatal mistake,” says Karen Funkenbusch, University of Missouri Extension health and safety…

Strip trials an effective way to test nitrogen rates on cornfields

COLUMBIA, Mo. – On-farm strip trials are an effective way for farmers to test their nitrogen fertilizer rate on corn. “A wet May has lots of farmers wondering about the nitrogen status of their corn crop,” said John Lory, University of Missouri Extension nutrient management specialist. “Wet conditions and warm soils can lead to nitrogen loss of fertilizer.”

Youths compete at 2024 State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest

COLUMBIA, Mo – The 2024 University of Missouri Extension State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest was held Monday, June 3, at the University of Missouri Trowbridge Livestock Center in Columbia. The contest brought together 94 youths from across the state to apply their evaluation and communication skills. Youths involved with the livestock judging program develop key life skills to aid in their future career success, said Maria Calvert, MU…

Youths compete at 2024 State 4-H Poultry Day

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Forty 4-H youths from across Missouri participated in the 2024 State 4-H Poultry Day on June 8 at the University of Missouri Animal Science Research Center in Columbia. Competitions included a poultry judging contest, quiz bowl, egg demonstration contest, photo contest and dozen egg contest.

New online Master Gardener training begins Aug. 11

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Gardening is an activity with many rewards, said David Trinklein, state horticulture specialist for University of Missouri Extension. “One of them is the satisfaction of sharing your plant knowledge with others,” Trinklein said. The MU Extension Master Gardener program was designed to do just that. “Its motto, ‘helping others learn to grow,’ emphasizes service to others as the program’s main objective,” said Trinklein.

Laclede County commissioners, MU Extension expand county ag tour

LEBANON, Mo. – The Laclede County Commission, in partnership with the University of Missouri Extension Council of Laclede County, will host the inaugural Laclede County Commission Agriconomy Week this fall. This year’s theme is “Growing Laclede County’s Economy Through Agricultural Entrepreneurship,” said Randy Angst, Laclede County presiding commissioner.

New round of cover crop incentive funds available

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The University of Missouri Center for Regenerative Agriculture has begun a second round of funding for fall cover crop planting in Missouri. About $2 million in funding is available for Missouri producers interested in using cover crops on their farmland.

MU Extension sheep and goats field day, July 12, to focus on animal health

MOUNT VERNON, Mo. – An effective animal health program is a crucial part of a successful small ruminant production system, said University of Missouri Extension sheep and goat specialist David Brown.

Lingering effects of recent cicada emergence

The cicada symphony may be coming to an end, but the effects of the performers are becoming apparent. Calls and emails are beginning to come into University of Missouri Extension offices from homeowners reporting the ends of many tree branches are turning brown and dropping off. “In the past few days I have answered more than a dozen inquiries related to cicada damage,” said Hank Stelzer, MU Extension’s forestry state specialist.

Marketing matters in direct-to-consumer beef sales

FORSYTH, Mo. – Selling beef directly from the farm to consumers gained significant popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Though adoption has slowed, selling direct to consumers remains a popular option for Missouri beef producers as an alternative to selling live animals, as it allows the producer to capture additional value otherwise obtained by others in the food processing chain,” said Jacob Hefley, University of Missouri…

Hickory County Cattlemen's Bus Tour is Aug. 5-8

STOCKTON, Mo. – “Bus tours are a good way to visit cattle producers, marketing facilities, slaughter facilities and college/university farms to gain knowledge and management strategies that can be used to help improve your cattle operation,” says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock field specialist.

Early June peas

COLUMBIA, Mo. – No other vegetable is as closely associated with a month of the year as is garden pea, and few things match the gastronomic appeal of fresh peas from the garden. The term “early June peas” often appears on labels to indicate they are young and still have a high sugar content, said University of Missouri Extension horticulturist David Trinklein. Peas are sweetest when they mature in cool weather, before too much of the…

Honoring the nation's dairy farmers

COLUMBIA, Mo. – June is National Dairy Month, when we honor the hard work and dedication of dairy farmers. This cornerstone of American agriculture contributes to the economy and to the health and well-being of communities. University of Missouri Extension offers resources, expertise and research tailored for dairy producers and consumers, connecting dairy products to key production and business information. Putting dairy in your diet

Filling the summer forage gap

LINNEUS, Mo. – Gaps in summer forages for livestock producers can be challenging. University of Missouri Extension agronomy field specialist Valerie Tate in Linn County shares management solutions, including planting warm-season annual forages such as pearl millet and sorghum-sudangrass, to fill a void in summer forage production or when renovating forage stands.

Spring SW Missouri bull breeding soundness exam day results

STOCKTON, Mo. – “Bull breeding soundness exams (BSEs) are important to make sure bulls are ready for the upcoming breeding season,” says Patrick Davis, University of Missouri Extension livestock field specialist. The exam evaluates bull physical and reproductive soundness. Using bulls that fail this exam can lead to poor conception, pregnancy, calving and weaning rates, which results in poor operation productivity and profitability,…

New guide details Show-Me-Select enhanced option

COLUMBIA, Mo. – An additional marketing opportunity for cattle producers is outlined in a new University of Missouri Extension guide, “Adding Value to Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifers Using Show-Me-Plus,” available at

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