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Improving access to healthy foods

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Millions of Americans have limited access to a supermarket, which means they must rely on fast food restaurants and small food retailers, such as gas stations and corner stores, to feed themselves and their families.

Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy is a comprehensive, community-based program that enables communities to improve access to healthy foods by working with a small food retailer. Through toolkits, resources and webinars, Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy will guide any community group through a unique approach to increasing access to healthy foods that involves engaging small food retailers and community members, thus addressing supply and demand at the same time.


Corner Stores Bring Healthy Options to Food Deserts Across St. Louis

St. Louis Magazine article that tells the story of how the St. Louis Healthy Corner Store Project expanded to become a statewide program - Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy.

For rural Cass County store, stocking healthy means customers will shop healthy

Kansas City Star article that highlights the goals of Stock Healthy, Shop Healthy, how it works with retailers and the success it has had at Creighton Country Mart.

Health Around the Corner

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis article about how communities have begun working with corner stores, bodegas and rural groceries to increase access to healthy, affordable foods by making changes that improve both the store environment and the food inventory offered.

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