The 21st Century Land Grant

The University of Missouri Extension leads university efforts to reimagine our land-grant institution for the 21st century.

Through a statewide listening tour, needs assessment and rigorous evaluation of existing university extension and engagement efforts, we are committed to addressing four grand challenges through our work and impact:

  • Agricultural growth and stewardship
  • Economic opportunity
  • Educational access and excellence
  • Health and well-being

MU Extension Way provides a map and compass for our faculty, staff and council members as all work individually and collectively to engage Missouri, the nation and the world.

MU Extension Way Standards

MU Extension Way is a set of standards — Educate, Create, Connect and Support — that shapes our work and its value and impact.

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MU Extension Way Standards
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Guidelines for Counting Extension Contacts from Virtual Programming and Social …

Virtual programming and social media have become a prevalent means of reaching clients in our work. These guidelines include some of the most common applications used currently.

Missouri 4-H Reporting Guidance (PDF)

Assistance for 4-H Online, myExtension and myVITA

myExtension Contact Reporting (PDF)

MU Extension collects both direct and indirect educational contacts in myExtension.

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