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Most of us are all too familiar with health-related resolutions, whether they’re to lose weight, exercise more or get more sleep. They can be difficult to fulfill on our own. In fact, research shows that we are more likely to succeed in our efforts to change if others provide support and hold us accountable for achieving our goals.

Strength in Numbers puts those interpersonal processes to work to help you make healthy lifestyle changes. Coordinating with other activities already in your schedule — such as service clubs or church groups — we provide health lessons to help you set and meet your goals. Members of your group become each other's “health family,” offering suggestions, support and just plain encouragement as you strive to achieve those health goals you’ve been considering.

Our Strength in Numbers lessons cover a wide array of issues that affect your health. On topics ranging from eating right on a budget to mindfulness techniques that help manage stress, the program offers expert information paired with a proven goal-setting technique to set you on a path to better health.

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