Strip Trial Program

Cooper County Trial

Strip trials

Helping Missouri farmers validate crop management decisions and document efficiency and environmental stewardship.

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The “MU Certified” Strip Trial Program is a grower-focused program designed to help Missouri farmers and crop advisors compare on-farm management decisions and practices in a low-cost, low-risk setting.

This program uses on-farm and field-scale research to provide growers with farm-specific data and information they can use to guide decisions and evaluate best management practices while protecting or improving their bottom line.

The program tools and personalized summary report are available at no cost for Missouri growers involved in the strip trial program.

Goals of the program

  • Farmer led and farmer focused
  • Applied research/trials….“on-farm” 
  • Practical info and results for farmers
  • Deliver results for next growing season 
  • Maintain or improve grower profitability
  • Enhance environmental stewardship and sustainability

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