Nutrient Management

Fertile soil, along with other factors such as light and moisture, is necessary for optimal crop yield. Explore these pages and the resources listed below to learn about the key nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as well as other nutrients that can affect soil fertility. In addition, read about the importance of preserving our topsoil on the soil quality page and about the importance of not over-fertilizing on the water quality page.

Managing for success

Fertilizer, manure and soil are sources of crop nutrients that can be managed to optimize economic and environmental outcomes. Nitrogen Watch tracks spring rainfall and identifies danger areas that may be on track to have problems with nitrogen loss and deficiency in corn.

Current tracking will be posted if available. Otherwise an archive is available for historical nitrogen watch information.

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Agricultural nitrogen management for water quality protection in the midwest (P…

This publication provides an overview of factors influencing nitrogen loss to ground and surface waters in the four-state Heartland region of Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

Air out your nitrogen application window

Sidedress urea with more confidence and precision using a pneumatic applicator.

Benefits Of Urea

Specialist: Apply NBPT With Urea To Prevent Volatilization

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