Controlled environment agriculture (CEA) describes approaches to growing crops under managed environments in order to optimize resources and productivity.

Customize this tool to estimate the feasibility of beekeeping. An establishment worksheet reflects an individual’s first year of beekeeping, while subsequent worksheets reflect operations with varying numbers of hives for honey production.

Customize this tool to develop an enterprise budget for a hydroponic deep water culture system growing leafy greens. Assumptions can be changed to fit your growing situation.

Customize this tool to develop a unique microgreen enterprise budget and change assumptions to fit your farming situation.

Customize this tool to produce a high tunnel tomato enterprise budget by changing assumptions to fit your farming situation. Use the shaded boxes to change inputs or prices.

Use this budget to develop a customized cut flower (Lisianthus) enterprise budget. Assumptions can be changed based on your production situation.

Farmers can develop custom enterprise budgets for an aquaculture RAS operation using this spreadsheet. Estimates are provided for establishing an operation, and producers can select the aquaculture species to further customize budgets.