Forage-Livestock Group

Craig Roberts explains how to just a grazing stick during a grazing school

Missouri Grazing Schools

Missouri Grazing Schools contribute $125 million each year to the state economy and support more than 2,000 jobs.

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Forage-Livestock Group members teaching in different locations

World Class

Faculty in the Forage-Livestock Group conduct research that is taught in the classroom and applied through extension programs. Their expertise is used in the industry and often informs public policy.

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The Forage-Livestock Group is a world-class group of scientists dedicated to the largest agricultural endeavor in Missouri: forage-livestock systems. Our collaborative programs touch the over 120,000 farmers and farm families engaged in the hay, beef, dairy, sheep, goat, and equine industries.

The signature programs of the group include the Missouri Grazing Schools, the Forage-Livestock Townhall, Mizzou's Feedlot School, NRCS+MU Grasslands project, the Native Warm-Season Grass Collaborative (with MDC), PaddockTrac, the Pasture-based Dairy and the Beef Cattle Production Series. The group also contributes substantially to other impactful programs in CAFNR, such as Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer, Integrated Pest Management, the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute, MU Certified Strip trials, and many others.

The group is directly responsible for at least $200 million in impact to Missouri's economy each year. In addition to its economic importance, Missouri forages play a major role in conservation, and their aesthetic value attracts tourists to our state. No other agricultural enterprise covers more acres, generates more real income or engages as many citizens.

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