MU/MDC Native Grass Extension Project

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of providing habitat for wildlife and increasing livestock forage production throughout Missouri is through the proper use of pastures and grasslands. Grasslands provide many species of wildlife with food and protective cover, including nesting and brood-rearing habitat. Many species of grassland songbirds, as well as bobwhite quail, benefit from these habitats. Cottontail rabbits, wild turkey and numerous other species also benefit from this type of vegetation. In particular, establishing and managing native warm-season grasses provide excellent opportunities for grazing, haying and for improving wildlife habitat on your property. The MU/MDC Native Grass Project has been developed as a method for conducting educational programs, workshops, demonstrations and disseminating research-based information on the benefits of native grasses to landowners in Missouri.

An MU/MDC Native Grass Group, made up of interested MU Extension Field Specialists and Missouri Department of Conservation Private Land Conservationists, has been created to facilitate and conduct educational programs that feature the establishment and management of native warm-season grasses for livestock forage production, including for use in grazing systems and for hay. The collaborative effort combines the expertise of both MU Extension and MDC in promoting the adoption of native grasses for economic and conservation benefits.

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