A man performs an ultrasound on a pregnant cow.


The purpose of the MU Forage-Livestock Group is scientific discovery and application in the area of forage-livestock systems. The primary focus areas include cow-calf production, pasture-based dairying and animal health. Other areas include precision agriculture and wildlife habitat. The goal is to increase the value of Missouri's livestock industry while protecting the state's natural resources.

Attendees listen to a presentation by a member of the Forage-Livestock Group in a conference room.


The MU Forage-Livestock Group holds informal meetings to review new data, host international speakers, train graduate students, develop extension programs, create multi-disciplinary curricula, and explore funding opportunities.

A member of the Forage-Livestock Group gives a presentation on animal reproduction.

Education in Forage-Livestock Systems

The group promotes cross-disciplinary education in forage and livestock systems by offering several courses in Plant and Animal Sciences to undergraduate and graduate students. Courses offer students the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in the classroom, the field, and the laboratory. The group works to address the livestock-forage interface in the classroom to better prepare students for a career in agriculture or graduate study in their chosen field.

A man takes notes while measuring forage density from the cab of a harvester in a field.

Research and Extension

Faculty expertise in the Forage-Livestock Group comes from six different divisions, colleges and schools.

  • Natural resources
  • Agricultural systems technology
  • Agribusiness management
  • Vet medicine
  • Plant sciences
  • Animal sciences

Forage-livestock research is carried out in the following four Extension and Education Centers:


Graves Chapple Extension and Education Center field
Graves-Chapple Extension and Education Center
Hundley Whaley Extension and Education Center
Hundley-Whaley Extension and Education Center
Jefferson Farm Extension and Education Center
Jefferson Farm Extension and Education Center
Wurdack Extension and Education Center
Wurdack Extension and Education Center