Missouri Century Farms

Century farms and ranches have shaped our nation and state. The Missouri Century Farm program celebrates the lasting contributions farmers and ranchers have made to our country’s and state’s heritage by recognizing landowners with farms of at least 40 acres that have been in the family for 100 years or more.

Missouri Community L.A.B.

The Missouri Community L.A.B.’s mission is to increase participation in the community-building process by educating and supporting all in the quest to build strong, whole communities.

Missouri Council for Activity and Nutrition (MOCAN)

MOCAN is a partner-driven council of professionals across the state collaborating to implement and support policy changes that will improve the health and quality of life of Missourians.

Missouri Extension Disaster Education Network

Helping Missourians deal with all aspects of disasters

Missouri Farm to School

​Farm to School is any activity connecting schools to local food and farms. Its main goals are to serve fresh, high-quality, locally grown food in school cafeterias; to provide agriculture, health and nutrition education; and to support local and regional farmers. ​

Missouri Feral Hog Elimination Partnership

The MU Feral Hog Extension Project, a collaborative educational program conducted in partnership with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and USDA APHIS-Wildlife Services, promotes the adoption of feral hog eradication efforts on private lands in the state for economic and conservation benefits.

Missouri Good Neighbor Week

Missouri Good Neighbor Week encourages citizens of Missouri to participate in events and activities to establish connections with their neighbors.

Missouri Grain Crops

Nine of the world’s top 10 crops based on harvested acreage are grain crops. Missouri is an important contributor to the world’s production of five of these important grain crops: namely soybean, corn, wheat, rice and grain sorghum.

Missouri Master Naturalist

Missouri Master Naturalists are well-informed volunteers that provide education, outreach and service dedicated to the beneficial management of natural resources and natural areas within their communities for the state of Missouri.

Missouri Small Business Development Centers

The Missouri SBDC offers personalized and extensive services from knowledgeable and helpful professionals focused on your business success.

Missouri Training Institute

For nearly 40 years, the Missouri Training Institute (MTI) has provided customized training and consulting services to improve business performance and organizational effectiveness for public, private and not-for-profit organizations. MTI has an award-winning staff with the experience to help you grow and succeed.

Missouri Woodland Steward

Missouri Woodland Steward is a natural resource education program that helps woodland owners feel competent and connected. It offers webinars, workshops and field days. Sign up for the program’s mailing list to stay informed.

Mizzou Repro — Reproductive Management of Beef Cattle

The Mizzou Repro mission is to improve the profitability and sustainability of beef cattle farms and ranches in the state of Missouri and across the United States. Reproductive performance is one of the critical drivers of profitability and sustainability of cow herds.

MoTax: Missouri Taxpayer Education Initiative

IRS-certified student volunteers gain real-world experience by providing free tax assistance to people with low or moderate incomes, those with disabilities, older adults and English-as-a-second-language taxpayers.

MU Black Vulture Project

The MU Black Vulture Project is designed to improve our understanding of vulture ecology, the dynamics of vulture conflicts, and to provide educational assistance for livestock producers and clientele with information on how to prevent and control problems and deal with potential conflicts should they occur.

MU Career Accelerator

Whether you’re an employer looking to strengthen your workforce or an individual looking to advance in your career, MU's Career Accelerator offers industry-driven education with a variety of custom trainings, courses and certifications to meet your needs.

MU Conference Office

For more than 50 years, the MU Conference Office has provided full-service event planning for organizations, government agencies and university departments. We provide a full range of customizable services, whether your conference is being hosted on campus or anywhere worldwide.

MU Family Impact Center

At the MU Family Impact Center, we aim to provide lifelong education that will help our community’s residents improve their quality of life.

MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute (FRTI)

MU FRTI provides effective, standards-based, quality training and education to fire and emergency service professionals, and helps enable them to make a significant impact on the protection of lives and property of the citizens in our communities.

MU/MDC Native Grass Extension Project

One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of providing habitat for wildlife and increasing livestock forage production throughout Missouri is through the proper use of pastures and grasslands. Grasslands provide many species of wildlife with food and protective cover, including nesting and brood-rearing habitat.

Navigating Difference

Navigating Difference is an intercultural competency program for people who want to deepen their knowledge, skills and appreciation for connecting across diverse groups of all kinds.

Neighborhood Leadership Academy

The Neighborhood Leadership Academy (NLA) provides in-depth and multifaceted leadership training that emphasizes community building principles and strategies, project planning, organizational leadership and management practices, and personal leadership skills.

Neighborhood Leadership Fellows

The mission of Neighborhood Leadership Fellows (NLF) is to increase and amplify the voices of North St. Louis City and County residents at the civic decision-making tables in order to produce more equitable regional policies for neighborhoods.

Northwest Missouri Horticulture

Northwest Missouri has a diverse landscape, well-suited to many types of horticulture. From the Missouri River flood plain, to the Green Hills of Grundy and Mercer Counties, you will find almost any type of setting for your horticultural enterprise. We have orchards, vineyards, commercial vegetable production, and nursery operations.

NRCS + MU Grasslands Project

The NRCS + MU Grasslands Project is a collaboration between the Natural Resources Conservation Service and MU Extension. Its goal is to improve grassland sustainability in Missouri while strengthening, increasing and encouraging the voluntary approach and participation of private landowners in NRCS programs.

Nuisance Wildlife

The presence of wildlife around your home or on your property typically is beneficial but may at times conflict with your goals. Learn about scientifically valid ways to prevent damage and control nuisance wildlife.

Nutrient Management

Promoting ways crop nutrients can be managed to optimize economic and environmental outcomes.

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

Join Osher’s lifelong learning community for adults 50 years old and up to explore new interests through a wide range of courses, activities and clubs. You’ll enjoy socializing with interesting people as you flex your intellectual muscles and strengthen your physical health, thoughtful interactions about topics of interest to you, natural…

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