Missouri Training Institute (MTI)

For nearly 40 years, the Missouri Training Institute (MTI) has provided customized training and consulting services to improve business performance and organizational effectiveness for public, private and not-for-profit organizations. MTI has an award-winning staff with the experience to help you grow and succeed.

The Weekly Workplace podcast

Each week listen to the experts from Missouri Training Institute as they get real with insights and inspiration on how to turn those work hours from grind to great.


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Managing Employees Remotely: Sprinting up the Learning Curve (PDF)

Tips from MTI on managing employees remotely by setting expectations and staying motivated.

Managing Employees Remotely: Sprinting up the Learning Curve (Video)

In this recorded webinar, Rae Lyon and Bryana Larimer with the Missouri Training Institute offers information useful to public enterprises and workers.

Moving Forward While Standing Still (Video)

Now that you are working from home, do you find it difficult to stay focused and productive? Bryana Larimer of the Missouri Training Institute presents this free one-hour webinar offers insight on how to stay motivated while feeling like you are standing still. Reflect on your own motivation to reach your professional goals and examine self-discipline strategies that help you remain resilient and productive.

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