MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute

The MU Fire and Rescue Training Institute’s emblem, with the traditional fire service Maltese cross and the lamp of knowledge, symbolizes the primacy of education in the delivery of fire and emergency services.

When responding to a fire, rescue, hazardous materials incident, or other emergency event, emergency responders rely on the unsurpassed expertise and technical hands-on training they receive from our programs. We focus on providing effective, standards-based, quality training and education to fire and emergency service professionals. We help enable them to make a significant impact on the protection of lives and property of the citizens in our communities. MU FRTI provides:

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The University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute is a premier unit of MU Extension and provides comprehensive cognitive education and manipulative skills training for Missouri’s fire and emergency service responders.

The University of Missouri Fire and Rescue Training Institute newsletter may include the following: information related directly to activities within MU FRTI, information on a national level that we feel is significant to the emergency response community, updates on open enrollment classes offered by MU FRTI, and special announcements based upon significant events. Subscribers should anticipate messages an average of four times a month.

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