Mizzou Repro — Reproductive Management of Beef Cattle

The Mizzou Repro mission is to improve the profitability and sustainability of beef cattle farms and ranches in the state of Missouri and across the United States. Reproductive performance is one of the critical drivers of profitability and sustainability, and failure to attain pregnancy early in the breeding season represents some of the largest losses in potential efficiency in the U.S. cow herd. Reproductive technologies and management practices provide an opportunity to mitigate this loss and facilitate long-term, systems-level improvements across the industry. Currently, these technologies and management practices are underutilized.

U.S. cattle producers must begin to take advantage of these opportunities in order to remain cost-competitive in an increasingly global market. We are committed to developing effective extension and education programming that equips producers, veterinarians, and allied industry with the knowledge and tools needed to increase use of reproductive technologies in beef production systems. In addition, we are committed to ongoing applied research efforts to improve success rates with these technologies and characterize the impact on reproductive performance and genetic improvement.

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