Food Safety

The goals of the Food Safety program include educating consumers on safe food handling in food preparation and food preservation, and educating farmers and farmers market vendors on food safety and regulatory compliance. Many topics are highlighted on this site to help you learn how to safely handle food from the farm to your table.

Food Systems

MU Extension hosts the Missouri Food Systems Network. The goal is to create strong and resilient community-based food systems that make positive economic impacts, enhance food access, and increase food security.

Forage-Livestock Group

The Forage-Livestock Group is a world-class group of scientists dedicated to the largest agricultural endeavor in Missouri: forage-livestock systems.


Missouri's forage-livestock industry is the state's largest agricultural endeavor. Forage producers use 11 million acres of private lands for grazing, hay production and conservation. Forage-livestock enterprises contribute more than $12 billion annually to Missouri's economy, providing direct income for more than 200,000 citizens.

Garden ’n Grow

The Missouri Garden ’n Grow program is a summer volunteer gardening program for 9- to 13-year-olds. Participating youths not only learn vegetable gardening, but also “cultivate” other science, math and language arts skills — and have fun!

Grain Management

Grain losses due to mold, insects or moisture can quickly eat into your farm’s profits. Learn more on this site about the management variables that affect your crop harvest’s bottom line, including:

Graves-Chapple Extension and Education Center

Located near Rock Port at the toe slope of the loess hills, this Center’s mission is to provide research and teaching in the specific soil and climatic conditions of extreme northwest Missouri. This occurs through research and demonstrations of conservation tillage and soil conservation management practices, turf and forage, and crop production…

Growing Agribusiness Sustainably

The singular goal of Agriculture and Environment Extension at the University of Missouri is to double the value of Missouri agriculture by 2030 while sustaining the state’s natural resources. Learn about initiatives related to how it plans to grow agribusiness sustainably.

Health Information for Men

Life expectancy for American men has been falling in recent years, widening an existing gap in the expected lifespans of men and women. The Health Information for Men (HIM) program aims to help change that by providing information on the latest findings on health-related topics.

Healthy Concessions

In order to promote healthier eating options while also keeping costs low and profit margins high, partners from across the state worked together to develop toolkits that offer healthy model guidelines, menu choices and easy-to-use tools for concessions in Missouri parks and schools.

Heroes to Hives

Missouri is the first state chapter of the national Heroes to Hives program. Heroes to Hives is a unique program offered through the Michigan Food & Farming Systems that seeks to address financial and personal wellness of veterans through free professional training and community development centered around beekeeping.

Hundley-Whaley Extension and Education Center

Demonstrations and research at the 375-acre Hundley-Whaley Research Center are made possible through the generosity of Elma Hundley and Lulu Whaley. Projects focus on the best management practices and economics for corn and soybeans. The research center is noted for excellence in pesticide evaluations and comparisons. Projects with a sustainable…

Industrial Hemp

This page details resources and educational opportunities useful to agricultural producers and others concerning Missouri’s opportunity to reposition itself in the U.S. industrial hemp industry.

Integrated STEM Internship Program

A 9-week paid internship that includes hands-on experience in a University of Missouri research setting and work with county-based Extension faculty members.


Water is often the most limiting factor in crop yields. Learn more about irrigation systems that can help you ensure a good yield from your farm.

Jefferson Farm and Garden Extension and Education Center

Jefferson Farm and Garden is a 67-acre educational farm designed to engage the community in experiences about food and agriculture. Jefferson Farm and Garden are committed to sharing the story of agriculture and demonstrating a vast array of Midwest farming, gardening and conservation practices.

Labor Education Program

The Labor Education Program, a continuing education unit of MU Extension, is located at the University of Missouri in Columbia. The program has been engaged in the development and delivery of high-quality leadership training programs for trade union leaders in Missouri and other Midwestern states since 1964.

Landscape and Drainage Water Management

Precipitation is generally plentiful in the Midwest, but the timing and amount can be problematic. Integrated systems that address landscape and drainage water management and new technology allow for sustainable crop production systems, enhanced nutrient use efficiency, and increased food production.

Law Enforcement Training Institute (LETI)

LETI offers basic and advanced police training, as well as programs for animal cruelty investigators and school protection officers.

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

Variety of classes for individuals with chronic conditions and for caregivers to learn how to face challenges and manage a healthy life.

Manure Management

Discover resources for managing nutrients and manure on Missouri farms for crop production and environmental needs.

Master Gardener

The Master Gardener program provides in-depth horticultural training to Missourians who then volunteer their time applying what they have learned to help others in their communities learn about gardening and environmental education.

Master Pollinator Steward

The Master Pollinator Steward program teaches Missourians ways they can benefit pollinators to protect our agricultural economy and food supply.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) gives you the skills you need to reach out and provide initial support to someone who may be developing a mental health or substance use challenge and help connect them to the appropriate care.

Mid-America Trade Adjustment Assistance Center

Helping manufacturers in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska respond to import competition through cost share grant funding and support.

Missouri 4-H

As America’s largest youth development organization, 4-H offers youth, families, and adult volunteers of all ages many ways to engage, grow and serve. It’s about young people — from both rural and urban areas — making new friends and memories while preparing to be future leaders.

Missouri 4-H Foundation

The Missouri 4-H Foundation is the independent philanthropic partner of the MU Extension 4-H Center for Youth Development. Our mission is to maximize 4-H youth development through resource acquisition and management.

Missouri AgrAbility

AgrAbility helps farmers with disabilities and their families succeed. The program provides practical education and on-the-farm assistance that promotes agricultural and rural independence.

Missouri APEX Accelerator

The Missouri APEX Accelerator helps businesses — including small, disadvantaged, veteran and women owned firms — obtain federal, state and local government contracts

Missouri Beginning Farmers and Ranchers

Blend experiential learning to grow your farm Missouri beginning farmers program is a new pilot of training workshops, educational classes, internships and customized one-on-one technical assistance. The goal is to provide information and to assist those who are interested in farming.

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