Sprayer irrigating field

Row crop irrigation

Irrigation may be your most cost-effective means of assuring good yields during a drought.

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Field irrigation

Crop Water Use app

Use the app to help manage irrigation.

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Furrow field irrigation

Furrow irrigation

Learn more to see whether furrow irrigation is the right system for your farm.

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Water is often the most limiting factor in crop yields. Missouri farmers usually face several weeks each summer in which crop water demand is high but rainfall is low. If irrigation is available, farmers can generate consistent yields despite a lack of precipitation.

Irrigation costs are usually divided into variable and fixed expenses in crop budgets. How frequently a field needs to be irrigated varies by growing season. The amount of fuel or electricity required to run irrigation pumps is a variable cost. Energy and labor costs can be significant, but the greatest expense for farmers is the fixed cost of irrigation equipment.

Learn more about irrigation tools and considerations on this website.

  • Attaching gypsum block sensors to PVC pipe

  • Installing gypsum block soil moisture sensors

  • Reading gypsum block soil moisture sensors

  • Crop Water Use app for irrigation management


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