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Interested in preserving garden produce? Want to know how to can fish or venison? Find a great deal on ripe fruit and want to dehydrate it for a healthy snack? Aiming to cut food waste and save money?

Home food preservation is the answer. Always use a recipe tested for safety of the final product. Not all recipes found on the web or passed down by family are scientifically tested. Unsafe recipes and procedures may result in severe illness.

University of Missouri Extension is committed to using the latest research-based guidelines to give consumers the tools they need to safely succeed when preserving food at home. We provide hands-on workshops, fact sheets and answers to questions on canning, freezing, dehydrating and storing food products for long term storage.

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Use our newsletters for tested recipes based on seasonal produce and topics.

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We offer hands-on, in-person small group events and an online course on a variety of food preservation topics.

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Learn about research-tested guidelines and procedures to ensure that the products you serve are safe.

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