Guide to Estrus Synchronization Products

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Jordan Thomas
Assistant Extension Professor, Animal Sciences
Scott Poock
Extension Associate Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine
Rachael Bonacker
Graduate Research Assistant, Animal Sciences
Katy Stoecklein
Graduate Research Assistant, Animal Sciences
Jaclyn Ketchum
Graduate Research Assistant, Animal Sciences
Genna VanWye
Graduate Research Assistant, Animal Sciences

Estrus synchronization of beef cows and heifers is simple and easy, due to extensive research efforts at the University of Missouri and other institutions. Several protocols and other resources have been developed to allow beef producers to effectively synchronize estrus and ovulation among the herd. Estrus synchronization will involve use of one or more of the following compounds: prostaglandin F2a (PG), gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), a progesterone-releasing intravaginal controlled internal drug release (CIDR), or the progestin feed additive melengestrol acetate (MGA). This publication provides an overview of the function, handling considerations, and proper administration of these products.