Wildlife Ecology and Management

Missouri is home to a diversity of wildlife. These wildlife resources are extremely valuable to the state’s residents — whether you are a hunter, a bird-watcher or just enjoy being outdoors and in nature, the chance to observe and learn about wildlife is important to most Missourians.

Each wildlife species and wildlife community relies on an appropriate set of conditions or habitat for its survival, reproduction and life history. More than 90% of Missouri’s land base is privately owned, which means that Missouri’s wildlife resources are dependent on the land use and management decisions made by landowners and homeowners in both urban and rural environments across the state. All properties provide habitat for some wildlife species, but the quality of that habitat can be improved in most cases to attract particular species.

All wildlife species have the same four basic requirements: food, water, shelter and space. However, each species requires different kinds and combinations of food or cover, which often vary in time and space. For example, some wildlife are migratory and only spend a portion of the year in the state, while others are resident species and are here year-round.

Find information and tips on this website and access publications to help you achieve wildlife habitat goals and objectives on your property and manage for the species of wildlife that are of interest.

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