4-H Faculty and Staff Professional Improvement Grant

Through a generous endowment given by B. W. Harrison, the Missouri 4-H Foundation will provide one grant annually in the amount of $1,000 to any 4-H youth specialist, YPA or a group of two or more 4-H faculty and staff for a specific professional improvement opportunity.

The late Mr. Harrison, a long-time resident of Cape Girardeau, devoted his life to helping youth and young adults attain a college education and improve themselves in many other ways.

How to request funds

Any 4-H faculty or staff member presently working at least half time for two years with the University of Missouri Extension is eligible to apply. This professional improvement opportunity may be for one event or activity or a series of progressive experiences. Group applications (two or more) require at least half of the group meet the aforementioned employment requirements.


Grant applications must be received no later than July 1.

Applications must be completed electronically and submitted to the Missouri 4-H Foundation at 4hfoundation@missouri.edu.