Missouri 4-H Foundation grants

An adult 4-H volunteer instructs 4-H youth during a street cleaning project.


Grant opportunities are available to 4-H faculty and staff, county 4-H councils and 4-H clubs. Through generous support from donors and Missouri 4-H Foundation resources, we are pleased to make available the following grants.

  • Community Service grants

    • Through generous grants from Crader Distributing and Stihldealers.com the Missouri 4-H Foundation offers grants of up to $1,000 to match funding for a 4-H community service project.

    Doane Youth Center grants

    • Through a generous endowment given by D. Howard Doane, one of the founding trustees of the Missouri 4-H Foundation, funds are available to improve facilities owned and/or controlled by Missouri 4-H.

    Kids Helping Kids grants

    • Kids Helping Kids is a program devoted to helping 4-H members and their families in times of need. Through generous donations made by 4-H families and friends, support is available Missouri 4-H families that have been affected by an emergency or disaster.

    4-H Faculty and Staff Professional Improvement Grant

    • Through a generous endowment given by B. W. Harrison, the Missouri 4-H Foundation will provide one grant annually in the amount of $1,000 to any 4-H youth specialist, YPA or a group of two or more 4-H faculty and staff for a specific professional improvement opportunity.

    SE Region Volunteer Leadership Training Grant

    • The B. W. Harrison endowment allows the Missouri 4-H Foundation to grant $1,000 annually for adult volunteer leader training in the South East Extension region.