Kids Helping Kids grants

Kids Helping Kids is a program devoted to helping 4-H members and their families in times of need. Through generous donations made by 4-H families and friends, support is available to Missouri 4-H families that have been affected by an emergency or disaster.

How did it begin?

Kids Helping Kids is a project of the Missouri 4-H State Council and the Missouri 4-H Foundation. It is an annual campaign that allows 4-H members and families to give back to 4-H. When a 4-H member is in need, we want them to know that Missouri 4-H cares.

Kids Helping Kids seeks contributions from 4-H members, 4-H families, 4-H alumni and 4-H clubs. The contributions are primarily used for major disasters such as flood, tornado, loss of home due to a fire, or serious illness. When disaster strikes, now matter how large or small, Kids Helping Kids will be there to help!

Who is eligible for support?

Kids Helping Kids funds are available to any Missouri 4-H family, who has been struck by disaster and has been recommended for support by their local youth specialist or program assistant. Grants are limited to $100 for an individual and $300 for a family. There is no deadline to apply. Contact Stephanie Femrite with questions.