Mike Jenkins

Fire and Rescue Training Institute, MU Extension

1110 S. College Ave. Room 220
Columbia, MO 65211

ARFF Program Lead Instructor. The Lead Instructor works directly for the Program Specialist in the ARFF Program. The Lead Instructor provides logistical support and travels with the Mobile Aircraft Rescue Firefighting Trainer as part of the instructional team. This team provides training to 26 Airfields across the country each year. The team works with military, civilian, general aviation and other select clients to provide annual FAA Pat 139 refresher training to ARFF Firefighters.
Mike started his career as a EMT-P in Marshall Missouri in 1983, and served in the Belton Fire Department and the Retired after 27 years as a Battalion Chief from the North Kansas City Fire Department in 2017. During his career Mike was an adjunct instructor for the National Fire Academy and the FRTI since 1996. Mike has been involved in Homeland Security Response Teams and helped plan several large training events in the Kaunas City UASI Region through the LEPC Training committee.