Mallory Rahe

Mallory Rahe, PROF, AST EXTNS
ExCEED, MU Extension

222 Mumford Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

Community economic development, rural wealth creation, community capital framework, value-chains, regional and local food systems, economic resilience, income inequality, economic impact analysis, strategic planning and program evaluation.
Other specialties
  • Agricultural Business

Mallory Rahe approaches her work in the area of community economic development with an emphasis on assisting community groups that are engaging in economic development projects or considering public investment options. She provides applied research, data analysis and trends, and supports strategic planning process through the rural wealth creation framework. Rural wealth creation emphasizes developing an economy that seeks to reorient community assets to unmet market demand through a process that prioritizes local businesses, examines and plans for the careful management and growth of many forms of wealth in addition to financial wealth, and that wants to help everyone more fully participate in the economy.