Danielle Thompson

Danielle Thompson, COLLEGE ADVISER
Missouri College Advising Corps (MCAC)

St. James High School
101 E. Scioto St.
St. James, MO 65559

MCAC College Advisor at St. James High School
Danielle Thompson is a 2019 graduate from Missouri State University with a masterâ¿¿s degree in religious studies. Prior to Danielle earning her masterâ¿¿s, she completed her bachelorâ¿¿s degree in theatre studies from Missouri State University. Over the last two years, Danielle has worked as a graduate teaching assistant with First-Year Programs at Missouri State. Danielle specializes in working with first-time, new to college students and has a special place in her heart for first-generation students, particularly those from rural areas. While the last four years have been spent working with students who have already decided on a college, Danielle is beyond excited to serve with MCAC to assist students who have not yet made a decision on what their post-high school path will be.