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HungerSarah Wood
Curriculum Coordinator

This newsletter corresponds with Lesson 10 of the Show Me Nutrition Fourth Grade curriculum. Hunger is a worldwide problem that is still present in the U.S. and is often caused by poverty. This newsletter covers the topic of hunger and ways that youths can make a positive impact on the issue. It also includes a list of suggested foods to donate to food pantries.

Publications numbers for fourth grade newsletters are: N160 (Lesson 1), N161 (Lesson 2), N162 (Lesson 3), N163 (Lesson 4), N164 (Lesson 5), N165 (Lesson 6), N166 (Lesson 7), N167 (Lesson 8), N169 (Lesson 9), N170 (Lesson 10)


  • Food pantry
  • Hunger
  • Poverty
  • Nutrition
  • Donation
  • Food drive
  • Volunteer


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