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Dairy and Protein FoodsSarah Wood
Curriculum Coordinator

This newsletter corresponds with Lesson 2 of the Show Me Nutrition Fourth Grade curriculum. Protein foods help us grow, stay healthy and repair skin. Many important nutrients are found in protein and dairy foods. This newsletter provides tips on encouraging kids to choose dairy foods and lean protein, as well as an activity that helps family’s pair dairy foods with everyday snacks and meals. 

Publications numbers for fourth grade newsletters are: N160 (Lesson 1), N161 (Lesson 2), N162 (Lesson 3), N163 (Lesson 4), N164 (Lesson 5), N165 (Lesson 6), N166 (Lesson 7), N167 (Lesson 8), N169 (Lesson 9), N170 (Lesson 10)


  • Protein
  • Dairy
  • Growth
  • Health
  • Recipes
  • Snacks


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