Editor's note
The following abstract describes a curriculum that is only available for purchase. Questions? Contact Leslie Speller-Henderson.

Show Me Nutrition is a sequential nutrition curriculum set that teaches youths from preschool through junior high how to have a healthy lifestyle while reinforcing behaviors that promote a healthy weight. It supports both the State of Missouri's Show-Me educational standards for health and physical education and Missouri's School Wellness Policy.

The Show Me Nutrition set also supports grade-level expectations for math and communication arts, as appropriate. Each of the nine curricula comprising the Show Me Nutrition sequence teaches several important health themes, such as nutrition, food safety, physical activity, how media may influence nutrition and body image. Age-appropriate content, activities and handouts make learning about healthy eating fun for students in all grade levels. The set is designed for continuity and includes:

The preschool through fifth grade curricula include family newsletters that help family members and caregivers support learning from each grade level. Each curriculum includes handouts to reinforce lesson content with families and caregivers.