Missouri Woodland Steward

Missouri Woodland Steward is a natural resource education program that helps woodland owners feel competent and connected. Through webinars, in-person workshops and field days, you can learn how to:

  • Identify trees that meet your objectives and care for them properly
  • Rehabilitate neglected woodlands
  • Harvest your trees when it is time to get the best price
  • Reduce your timber tax liability and handle a casualty loss
  • Ensure your natural resource legacy

Interested? Contact State Forestry Extension Specialist Hank Stelzer to get on our mailing list and receive information when the next event will be happening in your neck of the woods.

Events and online courses


Forest and Woodland Association of Missouri

The Forest and Woodland Association of Missouri is a group of volunteers that promotes healthy, productive and sustainable forests and trees throughout Missouri through education and advocacy.

Missouri Consulting Foresters Association

MCFA is an organization of professionally trained foresters that provide competent forest management advice or assistance to landowners. Each member is self-employed and offers services on a fee or contract basis.

Missouri Department of Conservation

Aims to protect and manage the fish, forest and wildlife resources of the state. MDC has resource foresters available to help landowners manage their woodlands, as well as wildlife damage biologists to help landowners and homeowners prevent and control damage caused by wildlife. Availability is dependent on demand for landowner assistance in your area.

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Keep updated on fire science information to make informed land-management decisions.
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Learn about various aspects of forestry.

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