Choosing Foods for Me — Newsletter for Fourth Grade Curriculum Lesson 3: Nutrients and Digestion

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How Our Bodies Digest FoodSarah Wood
Curriculum Coordinator

This newsletter corresponds with Lesson 3 of the Show Me Nutrition Fourth Grade curriculum. In this newsletter, students are reminded of how nutrients are absorbed into the body through the process of digestion. Tips for consuming high-fiber foods are also included, along with a healthy family-friendly activity.     

Publications numbers for fourth grade newsletters are: N160 (Lesson 1), N161 (Lesson 2), N162 (Lesson 3), N163 (Lesson 4), N164 (Lesson 5), N165 (Lesson 6), N166 (Lesson 7), N167 (Lesson 8), N168 (Lesson 9), N169 (Lesson 10), N170 (Lesson 11)


  • Nutrients
  • Water
  • Digestion
  • Health
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Fiber


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