Food Safety

The goals of the Food Safety program include educating consumers on safe food handling in food preparation and food preservation, and educating farmers and farmers market vendors on food safety and regulatory compliance. Many topics are highlighted on this site to help you learn how to safely handle food from the farm to your table.

Performance Nutrition

Performance Nutrition: The Competitive Edge is a six-module program that shows athletes, parents and coaches how to use proper nutrition before, during and after competition to help athletes perform their best and avoid injury.

Show-Me-Select Replacement Heifer Program

An educational program for Missouri farmers aimed at improving heifer development through technology and management practices.

Stay Strong, Stay Healthy

Join us to build the strength you need to enjoy good health as you age. Stay Strong, Stay Healthy (SSSH) is an eight-week exercise program that incorporates the latest research to help you develop the fitness, flexibility and balance that will enable you to live independently longer.

Taking Care of You

Busyness is a hallmark of our time. But all that busyness can cause stress — both good and bad — as we strive to balance work and family time, care for older family members or make sure the children get to their activities. It’s easy to overextend ourselves to meet life’s demands.