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Missouri Fencing and Boundary Laws


Find what farmers and landowners need to know about fencing duties, rights and boundaries provided in Missouri's fencing law and a local option counties can adopt.

Reducing Losses When Feeding Hay to Beef Cattle


Feeding hay to cattle is expensive, mostly due to waste. Learn good management practices to minimize the losses that occur due to poor storage methods, improper feeding methods, or both.

Seasonal and Simple: A Guide for Enjoying Fresh Fruits and Vegetables


Seasonal and simple is a guide to help you select, store and prepare fresh fruits and vegetables. Check out the free app and publication.

Soil Sampling Hayfields and Row Crops


Collecting a representative soil sample is an important step in developing a nutrient plan for your farm. Make smarter management decisions and more efficient use of fertilizer nutrients by learning how to plan and take soil samples from your fields in th

Soil Sampling Pastures


John Lory and Steve Cromley
Division of Plant Sciences and Commercial Agriculture Program

Collecting a representative soil sample is an important step in developing a nutrient plan for your farm. The goals of your soil sampling plan should be to

Warm-Season Annual Forage Crops


Annual warm-season grasses can be used as part of a year-round grazing system in Missouri. Visit our site to learn about Warm-Season Annual Forage Crops.

Liming Missouri Soils


Peter C. Scharf
Department of Agronomy

Interpreting Missouri Soil Test Reports


John A. Lory
Plant Science Unit and Commercial Agriculture Program

Peter Scharf and Manjula V. Nathan
Plant Science Unit

Missouri Limestone Quality: What Is ENM?


Daryl D. Buchholz
Department of Agronomy

Can you get a ton's worth of agricultural limestone out of a ton of agricultural limestone? Probably not. The effectiveness of agricultural limestone depends on two factors:

Oregon County Courthouse


Missouri Courthouses
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