Estrus and Fertility to Timed Artificial Insemination

YouTube video explaining how modern timed AI protocols for beef cattle don't require estrus detection. Knowing what proportion of your cows or heifers have expressed estrus before timed AI can be valuable information. By Jordan Thomas, Ph.D.

Missouri Steer Feedout 2022 brochure (PDF)

Learn the procedures for this year’s Missouri Steer Feedout, an educational program through which cattle producers learn about the genetics and management of calves, gain experience feeding cattle, and more.

Missouri Steer Feedout 2022 entry form (PDF)

Enter a minimum of five steer calves born after Jan. 1, 2022, for $20 per head in the 2022 Missouri Steer Feedout, an educational program for cattle producers. Entry deadline is Oct. 10.