Alice Roach, Senior Research Associate, MU Division of Applied Social Sciences
Ryan Milhollin, Assistant Extension Professor, Agricultural Business and Policy, MU Extension
Joe Horner, Extension Specialist, Agricultural Business and Policy, MU Extension
Robert Russell, Director, Labor and Workforce Development, MU Extension

Missouri Farm Labor Guide coverIn a farm or other agribusiness, employees are important resources. The decision to hire additional labor begins by recognizing a work need. From that point, employers must make many decisions and create a fair, effective process to attract job candidates, hire employees, support the human resources function and ensure that employees are contributing to the business. This guide intends to outline multiple factors that affect agricultural employers who establish and manage a workforce. It divides the employment process into six segments: recruitment; hiring; onboarding, training and mentoring; operations; retention; and termination. By understanding these six steps, employers will establish a good approach to human resources management.


  • Hiring
  • Mentoring
  • Onboarding
  • Operations
  • Recruitment
  • Termination
  • Training
  • Retention


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