Commercial Horticulture

The mission of our program is to enhance community well-being by supporting both beginning and experienced farmers through impartial, science-driven education, resources, and technical aid. Our goal is to equip clients with research-based information that will enable their success in gardening and farming endeavors. Our specific objectives include:

  1. Encouraging the establishment of new specialty crop farm ventures in Missouri.
  2. Improving farm management by promoting sustainable practices that benefit the community, are viable for farmers, and are environmentally responsible.
  3. Connecting beginning and established specialty crop farmers to educational, community, and governmental resources for growth, marketing, and sales.
  4. Providing high-quality, unbiased information to support informed decision-making in crop production, management, sales, and marketing.
  5. Actively listening to growers to identify needs and challenges, guiding program development, delivery, and research.
  6. Removing barriers and improving access for underserved farmer demographics.
  7. Measuring impacts of farmers through increased participation local food systems, stronger farmer connections, and improved community health.
  8. Continuing to support local produce farmers and maintaining our role as a trusted resource in the counties we serve.

As a cohesive team, our shared motivation revolves around creating a program that profoundly impacts our specialists, farmers, and local communities. We are driven by the following collective goals:

  1. Meaningful Impact: We aspire to build a program that genuinely matters, benefiting the farmers and communities we serve.
  2. Sustainable Solutions: Our passion lies in assisting growers, enabling them to overcome challenges and achieve economic, environmental, and social sustainability.
  3. Continuous Learning and Connection: We value learning new skills and fostering connections—both among ourselves and with local growers.
  4. Community-Centric Approach: Our flexibility allows us to address the diverse needs of our entire community, extending beyond commercial growers.
  5. Legacy and Success: We find motivation in contributing to the success of those we support.

Together, we strive to cultivate thriving agricultural ecosystems and enhance the well-being of all involved.

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Resources and information for urban farmers, agribusinesses and individuals.

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