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Pat Guinan
State Climatologist

William Wiebold
Professor, Division of Plant Sciences

This guide provides frost/freeze probabilities, tables, maps and dates for 103 National Weather Service Cooperative (NWSC) weather stations in Missouri. The information was obtained from the National Centers for Environmental Information and is based on data for the 30-year period 1981–2010.

  • State comparisonsSection 1
    The median date point maps provide the last spring and first fall median frost/freeze dates for specific temperature thresholds — 36 degrees F, 32 degrees F, 28 degrees F and 24 degrees F. In this application, median date is defined as the date at which there is a 50 percent chance the first or last instance, depending on the season, of the specified frost/freeze temperature will occur before or after the designated date.
  • Section 2
    The median date contour maps use the same data as the median date point maps, but with contoured regions of the state.
  • Section 3
    The extreme date point maps provide the latest spring and earliest fall frost/freeze dates using only weather stations with a nearly continuous long-term history — at least 100 years — of temperature observations.
  • Section 4
    The weather station tables display probability thresholds for 103 of the weather stations in the state.


  • Elevation map
  • Median date point maps
  • Median date
  • Extreme frost/freeze
  • Contour maps
  • Probabilities tables


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