Requesting and delivery of MU FRTI training

Any training course may be requested and hosted by individual fire departments or groups of fire departments for delivery anywhere in Missouri at any time of the year. Requests can be made by contacting the regional training coordinator for your region or the MU FRTI office at 800-869-3476 or by following the guidelines below.

Guidelines for requesting MU FRTI training

  1. All training must be delivered by an MU FRTI qualified instructor.
  2. The training must be requested and approved no less than 30 days before the start of class.
  3. If requesting training to be delivered regionally or statewide, please give 90 days notice. This time is needed for logistical arrangements, course advertising, and participant preregistration.
  4. Submit a completed PDF training request form or the online form below to MU FRTI.