County endowments

County Endowments

The Missouri 4-H Foundation is committed to helping county 4-H programs build a stronger financial future through endowments. An endowment is a gift of money that provides a permanent stream of income for an organization. The gift is invested in stocks, bonds and other instruments, and the earnings are used to support a program in perpetuity.

As state and local budgets are increasingly strained, county 4-H programs must rely on private support to meet the needs of youth and families locally. An endowment will provide a permanent, flexible, and stable source of support enabling staff and volunteers to focus more of their time on engaging and developing youth.

How a county endowment works:

  1. A County 4-H Council or Extension Council provides a minimum of $10,000 to establish a county 4-H endowment fund with the Missouri 4-H Foundation.
  2. The fund is invested in stocks, bonds, and other instruments, and earns interest (our 10-year average is 8.09%).
  3. The County 4-H Council or Extension Council may receive an annual distribution of up to 5% of the total fund balance each year.
  4. Funds are unrestricted and could support local staff salaries, travel, supplies, program scholarships, professional development, etc.

In certain years, gifts made to a qualifying county 4-H endowment fund may be matched by the Missouri 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees. To learn more about matching funds for county 4-H endowment funds, contact Missouri 4-H Foundation Director Rachel Augustine.