Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems

The Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems, or CARES, was established in 1992 with the objective of using data and tools to support better informed decision making. Our staff of professional data experts apply their skills to making maps, developing new data visualizations, and helping individuals and organizations figure out ways to do their work better. Over the past three decades we’ve collected, analyzed, and visualized data related to population health, the environment, agriculture, safety, education, and the economy. We appreciate the challenges and opportunities related to data collection and analysis, and we understand the issues involved regarding safe data handling, effective data visualization, and support for data interpretation. Our center complies with industry required data practices, including those that fall under HIPAA and FERPA guidelines, and the data we handle is governed by the University System Data Classification System. We seek to partner with like-minded organizations, build tools, and find data that supports positive decision making.

Visit CARES HQ to learn more about us and our projects.

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SparkMap uses location-specific data to create maps, assessments, and reports that are used by businesses, nonprofits, governments, researchers, and communities to inform and transform their work. Use our collection of over 25,000 data sets for free for as long as you wish (no registration required) or subscribe to unlock advanced features and save your library of work.
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