Story Map explores broadband across Missouri

COLUMBIA, Mo. – High-speed internet is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Most of us access the internet daily for health care, education, employment and social connection. However, more than 409,000 households and businesses in Missouri are underserved or completely unserved by broadband, according to the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

Kansas City neighborhoods 'write the vision'

A self-described data geek, Shatomi Luster-Edward has the All Things Missouri link bookmarked for ready access. Luster-Edward has found the MU CARES data-mapping and data-visualization tool vital to her work as MU Extension Urban West regional director.

4-H in NE Missouri: Getting To Know Your County

You can live and work somewhere your whole life and still not really know it, says Katie Hogan, a 4-H youth development specialist in MU Extension’s Northeast Region. That is why Hogan launched the Getting To Know Your County training with her team of youth development specialists and youth program associates the region.

Show Me Food helps you find fresh, local food

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Across Missouri, one in nine people – including one in eight children – face hunger. Using data available on All Things Missouri, we can clearly see overlapping areas of high food insecurity and food deserts (figure 1) in the state.

New support for farm and food businesses in local, regional markets

COLUMBIA, Mo. – University of Missouri Extension is one of 14 partners to organize the new Heartland Regional Food Business Center serving Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas.

Digital Asset Map: add to inventory of publicly available digital tools

COLUMBIA, Mo. – A new online tool will help connect more Missourians with broadband resources in their communities.The Digital Asset Map is a project of the University of Missouri System Broadband Initiative in partnership with the Missouri Department of Economic Development and the Missouri Broadband Resource Rail.

All Things Missouri: A free online tool for accessing, analyzing and visualizing state, local data

COLUMBIA, Mo. – All Things Missouri ( is a free online resource that can help media outlets enhance their reporting and storytelling by providing context and insights, identifying trends, and enabling comparisons among geographical areas.

Off-farm income crucial to many ag producers

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Farm households increasingly rely on off-farm income. A report from University of Missouri Extension notes that, on average, 82% of farm household income comes from outside the farm. More than half of the principal operators of farms have primary jobs off the farm, said Alan Spell, MU assistant extension professor and a co-author of the report.

More Missouri workers commuting to jobs outside their counties

COLUMBIA, Mo. – While the past two years have fueled growth in remote work, most workers in Missouri still commute to their jobs. And some are opting for longer commutes: A new report from University of Missouri Extension shows that more workers in the state are commuting to jobs outside their home counties compared to 20 years ago. 

MU Extension develops COVID dashboard for Andrew County

SAVANNAH, Mo. – Like health departments across Missouri, the Andrew County Health Department has its hands full with efforts to track and contain the spread of COVID-19. The staff, who often work well into the evening, needed a better way to share critical information with the public.

UM System Health Care Finder: Helping to identify and solve local health care needs

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The new University of Missouri System Health Care Finder aims to increase Missourians’ access to health care and boost the state’s health care outcomes.

New COVID-19 tracking tool monitors continuous 14-day trends as nation, states reopen

COLUMBIA, Mo. – A new tracking tool developed at the University of Missouri provides a continuously updated 14-day snapshot of new cases of COVID-19 in every county in the nation, helping the public monitor trends in cases as local stay-at-home restrictions are lifted and other measures are gradually repealed.

MU CARES launches COVID-19 Testing Dashboard

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The University of Missouri’s Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) has launched the COVID-19 Testing Dashboard, an online mapping and charting tool that provides a graphical look at COVID-19 testing in each state. Testing rates and positive test rates are important indicators for the prevalence of COVID-19 in populations as states move toward easing physical distancing restrictions and allowing…

Missouri Food Finder

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Missouri Food Finder ( is a new online tool that easily connects Missouri consumers with people growing and selling locally produced food in their region. (Note: Since initial publication of this news release the site has been renamed Show Me Food and can be found at