The Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) at the University of Missouri develops and supports mapping, reporting, and collaboration systems that enable public and nonprofit sector organizations to effectively address pressing community issues. The CARES team integrates data, mapping, visualization, and engagement tools to better serve communities and regions across the US, including vulnerable and underserved populations. CARES’s web-based technologies help organizations and policymakers make data-driven decisions about access, equity, and allocation of resources.

Since 1992, CARES has collaborated on projects with support from several foundations, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and partnering university researchers. Selected funders include Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, WK Kellogg Foundation, Kaiser Permanente, National Science Foundation, US Department of Agriculture, Environmental Protection Agency, US News, Missouri Department of Economic Development, and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. Through these collaborations, CARES has developed a significant portfolio for data collection and management, web-based content delivery, and spatial analysis.

In 2017, CARES made a strategic move to University of Missouri Extension. This move enables our center to align its data, technologies, and tools with extension field faculty across the US to support people, places, and processes. You can learn more about CARES on and try our robust mapping tools, create your own Assessment, and explore our products to address community, regional, and national issues.

The CARES main office is located in room 212 Whitten Hall, 506 Hitt Street on the University of Missouri campus. See the map.