Southeast Region

Southeast region counties pulled out of state of Missouri.

The Southeast Region of University of Missouri Extension incorporates 18 counties from Pemiscot north to Perry and west to Oregon. Extension has supported the region for over 100 years, bringing educational research-based programming to the region and encouraging youth to pursue their goals. Sustainability is our passion.

Faculty and staff work in partnership with local extension councils who live in each county to connect with the pulse of the communities they serve. These elected council members volunteer their time to identify local interests and needs so extension can offer relevant programming and resources to provide solutions in our communities.

Extension in Southeast Missouri supports citizens through 4-H programs, nutrition education in schools, improved health and wellbeing, growth of healthy food, improved health, leadership success, support of business growth, college preparation, and agriculture in the form of lumber, cattle, sheep, poultry, fruit and vegetable crops, rice, cotton, soybean, corn, forage and pecans.


Please visit the county pages for county-specific faculty and staff, events, courses and more.

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MU Extension in the Southeast Region (PDF)

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