Health and Fitness

Looking for a project that focus on both Health and Fitness? This curriculum could be used as a Countywide Project or as a Club Program for the year. Email the office for First Aid activities that can be checked out for you to use as well.



Shooting sports

4-H invitational shoots in Missouri

4-H Shooting Sports is a youth development educational program. It uses the skills and disciplines of shooting to assist young people and their leaders in obtaining knowledge and developing skills. Development of skills within the discipline of shooting and "life skills" is implicit in the program curriculum and explicitly stated for volunteers. It appeals to young people and volunteers from a wide range of urban and rural backgrounds. 4-H Shooting Sports promotes positive youth-adult interaction and peer leadership.

Contact: County Shooting Sports Coordinator, Laura Zimmer,, or 816-628-6678




The county level horsemanship project has several leaders working with members from all clubs who are in horsemanship if they want to participate in the county level of project work. Horsemanship project members have special requirements and guidelines that other projects do not have.

Horse Enrollment Form (PDF) - deadline May 1. Without this form on file in the office, you are not eligible to show at county or state horse shows.