Identifying poultry parts, species and breeds, selection, exploring an egg, cooking an egg, feeding, handling, washing and showing are activities included in the 4-H poultry project. In the intermediate level you will learn how to read a feed tag, explore retail products, grade carcasses, select layers and poultry health. Advanced poultry members will develop leadership skills by planning a judging clinic, managing a flock, exploring careers, processing chickens, and conducting poultry games and discussing vales and ethics.

Showing poultry this season? Please read this memo from the Department of Ag!

Resources for all levels




PO151 Poultry 1

  • Selecting the right bird for you
  • Learn about poultry product and production


PO152 Poultry 2

  • Selecting and judging poultry
  • Explore careers and industry


PO153 Poultry 3

  • Meat science and food safety in poultry
  • Raising poultry and genetics


Make sure you own your poultry animal by the following weeks to be eligible to exhibit at the Missouri State Fair- Roasters 8-10 weeks; Broilers 6-8 weeks; Fryers 5-10 weeks. Check with your local University of Missouri Extension center for local requirements, dates, etc.

To exhibit your livestock project at the Missouri State Fair, you must be a member of good standing in 4-H. To maintain your good standing, you must comply with the 4-H Food Quality Assurance Policy.

4-H Food Quality Assurance Policy


Objective: To increase the knowledge and awareness of Missouri youth about food quality issues related to animal production.

Who should take SMQA: All 4-H members enrolled in food animal projects (including beef, sheep, swine, dairy cattle, meats, meat and dairy goats, rabbits, and poultry) must complete the appropriate level of Missouri Show Me Quality Assurance (MSMQA) certification to be considered 4-H member in good standing in that project. Additionally, members must complete their MSMQA program by June 1 to participate in the Missouri State Fair. Other county good standing guidelines may also apply. Check with your local 4-H youth specialist for current local guidelines.

The Program: The Show Me Quality Assurance Program consists of two parts. The information presented is different in each part. Most counties alternate which part is presented each year; this is why it is required to take it two consecutive years in a row.

One part covers information on daily care and management; animal handling; farm/animal identification (Premise ID); reading feed labels; withdrawal times; and biosecurity (disease prevention).

The other part provides information on HACCP; animal health products; proper injection locations; carcass quality; and carcass value.

A refresher course is required when the 4-H member turns 14. After that is completed, the 4-H is certified through age 18.

Definitions of terms:

  • "Qualified to Show" means the member has participated in Missouri Show Me quality Assurance training within the current 4-H program year.
  • "SMQA Conditional Certified" for youth age 8 to 13 by January 1 of the program year certification is conditional. To obtain the conditional certification status a member age 8 to 13 by January 1 has participated in two consecutive years of training. Once they obtain a conditional status they do not have to take a refresher course until they are 14 by January 1 of the program year. Upon completion of the refresher course they would be SMQA Certified for the remainder of their youth exhibition career in 4-H.
  • "SMQA Certified" Youth in 4-H who attend one training after they have turned 14 by January 1 of the program year will be considered SMQA Certified and no further training will be required for the remainder of their 4-H exhibition career.

For more information contact your local county Extension office or Dr. Marcia Shannon.

Missouri State Fair showing guidlines.

Egg Demonstration Contest

Chicken Barbeque

State Poultry Day

State Fair

4-H exhibits and competitions are part of the fun of the Missouri State Fair. You won't want to miss this special event; visit the 4-H building to see the projects of our 4-H youth or catch the judging competitions. Whatever your niche, there is something for everyone. Bring the family! The Missouri State Fair is located at the intersection of Highways 50 and 65, and less than 20 miles south of I-70, Sedalia is roughly an hour from Kansas City, Columbia and Jefferson City.