Are you interested in exploring a wide variety of activities related to physical well being? Join us for bowling, golf or other sports and physical activities. Consider joining your friends and have fun playing together!

Resources for all levels

HF711 Bowling

  • Learn terminology and etiquette
  • Learn bowling techniques and how to score


HF712 Golf

  • Learn terminology and etiquette
  • Learn golf swings and shots


HF714 Soccer for Success

Learn about the sport of soccer, eating right and other ways to stay healthy as you gain teamwork and decision-making skills to achieve your personal goals. Experience 4-H on the pitch with Soccer for Success, developed by the U.S. Soccer Foundation. Note: Certified leaders required. Ask your county extension office for availability in your area.

HF771 First Aid

  • Learn about first aid for cuts, choking, sprains, strains and bruises
  • Learn about first aid for nosebleeds, stings, bits, poisons, broken bones and burns


HF773 Keeping Fit

If you are already involved in a school or community athletic team, sport of other physical activity program (i.e., basketball, track, swimming, dance) sign up for this project! You will learn more about personal fitness, sports nutrition and safety.

HF774 Physical Activity in 4-H Clubs

Does your club want to start a new physical activity program? Maybe your club group could form a running or volleyball project. Your club might form a line dancing project. The possibilities are endless! Sign up and get moving.

HF775 Move Across Missouri (MOVE)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get credit for all the activity in your life? Now you can! Whether you’re into weightlifting, hunting, dancing, soccer, rock climbing or even throwing darts, you can enjoy tracking minutes and earning points while you move! An online system helps you keep track of your progress. Awards and prizes are included.



Health is the fourth “H” in the 4-H Clover (head, heart, hands, health).

Health and healthy lifestyles are common topics today. By helping young people develop healthy behaviors and choices, their short- and long-term health and productivity is greatly increased. Nutrition, fitness, physical and emotional well-being, and substance use prevention are all components of healthy lifestyles.

Physical fitness

A primary focus is physical fitness. Physical fitness is identified by the Center for Disease Control as the major determinant of health for all Americans, including youth.

Research shows that youth who have an active, physically fit lifestyle are more likely to continue these healthy behaviors as adults, therefore, it is important to promote and encourage physical activity among youth in community and school settings.

Healthy relationships

Learning positive ways to communicate and interact with friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, parents and others is important for youth because these skills contribute to emotional well-being. Youth need opportunities to explore and talk about what it means to have healthy relationships.

Missouri 4-H developed a curriculum to help young people, age 13-18, and an adult leader discuss relationships issues that can be so confusing.

Resources for all levels


4-H Day with the Cardinals

4-H teams up with many different sports teams to give members the opportunity to experience games as well as the chance to throw the first pitch, walk on the field and get tickets at a cheaper rate.


4-H Move Across Missouri

Move Across Missouri is for youth who like to have fun, stay in shape and feel their best.


State Fair

4-H exhibits and competitions are part of the fun of the Missouri State Fair. You won't want to miss this special event; visit the 4-H building to see the projects of our 4-H youth or catch the judging competitions. Whatever your niche, there is something for everyone. Bring the family! The Missouri State Fair is located at the intersection of Highways 50 and 65, and less than 20 miles south of I-70, Sedalia is roughly an hour from Kansas City, Columbia and Jefferson City.